Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wisdom from Uncle Joe

What have we learned recently from the musings of Vice President Biden:

1) We have to pass "common sense" gun control measures for the children.

2) The gun control measures will do little to nothing to reduce crime or prevent another mass shooting.

3) There are government approved media outlets (legitimate news agencies) that we should get out information from.

4) No one is trying to take your guns.

So, knowing these things, we should shortly be hearing the Vice President speak out against the proposals in California and other places by elected officials to confiscate firearms.  Then we will have licenses issued to the approved media so that we the people know who the government approves of.  And, if the common sense is for the children and it will do little to nothing, than Obamacare probably won't improve access for those uninsured, it probably won't reduce the cost for those who have it, and it probably won't result in better care.

Maybe this is what the State of the Union is going to be about?  Either that or jobs.  Yeah, we sort of need those. Still. After 4 years.

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