Friday, February 1, 2013

Politicians Want to Decide Sports For Us Too!

Texas gives me plenty of reasons to make fun of it (and unfortunately many of them are from my alma mater).  The former A&M vs t.u. rivalry is no exception. In case you don't know, A&M left the Big 12 and joined the SEC last year (and did mighty good for themselves in spite of predictions to the contrary).  Their reasons for leaving were varied, depending on who you believe.

However, one thing that A&M did want to do is maintain the rivalry with Texas in all sports. Texas decided since A&M was going to a better conference and would have better media coverage than them, they weren't going to play.  118 years be damned! (OK, so I may be exaggerating a bit, but Texas did inform A&M that they had no intention of continueing play if we weren't in the same conference.)

So, instead of whining like a baby and begging Texas to play ball, A&M shrugged their shoulders and said, OK, we kind of like our new friends - you're loss.  Until some pompous politician from A&M gets in the mix - don't vote for Aggie politicians (more on that in a second).  He has filed a bill in the Texas legislature to require A&M and Texas to play. Hello - they talked about it already. One of the two parties distinctly doesn't want to play and the other is fine with that decision.  Let it go.  I understand that Texas doesn't have all of the important issues that the Federal government has, but if I remember correctly, they also only meet for 30 days a year.  So surely there must be 30 days of other more important stuff to talk about.

Back to the politician thing.  I had the opportunity to vote for an Aggie for the House.  We were re-drawn into a new district and there was the son of another Congressman running who had attended A&M (the district had Texas A&M University in it) and another candidate running who graduated from t.u.  (There were several others, but these were the top two!)

The Aggie's sole campaign was "But we can't have a teasip (t.u. graduate) represent A&M, so vote for me."  I honestly don't remember anything else about his campaign other than this whine.  I voted for the teasip, while he did try to do some baby kissing at a function we attended, I did at least agree with him on most of the issues. So, while at A&M, I voted for a teasip instead of an Aggie. (Do I burn in hell for that?)

Unless sports are doing something illegal, politicians just need to stay out of them.

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