Thursday, November 29, 2007

Republican YouTube Debate

Last night I watched the Republican YouTube debate on CNN and almost gouged my eyes out. Based on the questions that were being asked, I am amazed that this country has survived as long as we have. Very few had any substance and very few answers had any substance (which I will admit, I wasn't expecting). Our founding fathers never intended everyone to vote, they weren't trying to create a democracy. This debate proves that too many people have the right to vote. Let me go through a few of my favorites.

1. "How many guns do you own?" What is this suppose to tell you about a candidate. Just because someone doesn't own a gun in no way means that they support the 2nd Amendment. Likewise, a person that owns a gun isn't any more of a proponent of bearing arms than the next guy. I own guns, I don't hunt, but I support those who do. I love a good piece of venison when I can get it. I just didn't grow up hunting and I don't have the time to do it now. If someone is going to make their decision about who to vote for based on the number of guns a candidate has, that person doesn't need to vote.

2. "Do you believe every word of this book [Holy Bible, King James Version]?" Since when was there a religious litmus test in the constitution. Are we to assume from this question that only Protestants are spiritual able to fulfill the office of President? I did like the answers of all three candidates who answered it, although I just would have laughed at the guy and said he was an idiot; but, I'm not running for President. Guiliani talked about how parts of the Bible are literal and other parts are figurative, and the Bible helps to define who he is. Romney said he believed the Bible was the word of God. Then had a follow up asked if he believed every word of the Bible. Hello!! What is "the Bible is the word of God" suppose to mean? Is someone going to call God a liar? (Maybe someone just wanted to try to get a dig in since Romney is Mormon and believes there are scriptures in addition to the Bible). Huckabee, an ordained minister, gave a more eloquent rendition of what Guiliani and Romney had already said. So here we have three of the candidates that all believe the Bible. Is your mind made up now?

3. The Confederate Flag question. Romney's answer started out good, stating that we had more important issues to deal with. He should have ended it there, instead he droned on for another minute. Thompson had a good response. Hopefully, no one decides who to vote for based on the Rebel Flag. The Moderator did inappropriately call the flag the "Stars and Bars" when in fact that name is to another flag that was the first flag of the Confederacy and had three stripes (red, white, red), a field of blue with stars arranged in a circle. The Confederate flag we see today was never flown over the South in its form. The Confederate Battle flag was square, and later incorporated into the flags of the Confederacy.

4. Gays in the military. How convenient the Brig. General was in the audience. So after the candidates give their answers he is allowed to speak (Did I miss something or is he now a candidate?). His first statement is that the candidates didn't answer his question. Actually, as opposed to many of the other questions they did answer this one, just not the response the General was hoping for. During his pontification on the virtues of gays serving in the military, his microphone cuts out (I wonder if that was coincidence, or if the sound guy -- like me -- didn't want to hear his preaching anymore). It is absolutely amazing how fascinated this country is with sex. You would almost think that up until the 1960s no one was having any sex. News flash!!! People have been having sex with people, animals, and other items since the dawn of man. Figure it out and keep it in your bedroom (or bathroom, dining room table, etc).

In general here are my impressions of the candidates from this debate:
Romney - wants family values back in America
Guiliani - will be tough on crime
McCain - will maintain strong military throughout the world
Tancredo - will kill all of the terrorists
Paul - will cut government (including the military) down to the size of a thimble
Huckabee - I really don't know what he is about
Thompson - really doesn't want to come in last place
Hunter - will stop immigration

I think that I actually feel stupider from watching this debate (which was more of a forumn than a debate). What it has shown me is that we should fear putting our trust in the average American with access to a webcam.