Saturday, October 9, 2010

Office Supplies and Booby Traps

It seems there has been some pilfering going around the office. It was brought up at our morning meeting s this last week. Why someone needs to "borrow" a stapler from one desk when they can ask their admin assistant to order the Whamodyne 9000 Paper Perforator, I'll never know. Personally, I think the company has an unlimited budget for office supplies. I have never been turned down for a request.

So after this was brought up, I raised a question:

Me: "Since we have this pilfering going on, can we booby trap our cubicles?"

Manager (immediately without thinking): "Everyone else can, but you can't!"

Me: "Why not me?"

Manager: "Because I have seen your teddybear mortar and I have heard your conversations about your hobbies. If I gave you permission I have no doubt that a) you would do it and b) it would be effective."


  1. Being in a job that requires interpretation of the rules and standards; might I offer the following:

    While you may not booby trap your cubicle, offering advice to a colleague on how to booby trap your cubicle was not expressly prohibited.

    Just offering free advice

  2. Of course, there is also the point of where does my cubicle begin and end. And if I purposely stack things so, and someone happens to cause a pile of binders to fall from the top shelf onto themselves, does it really count as a booby trap?

  3. This is too sadly funny.

  4. I love it...teddy bear mortar.

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