Tuesday, July 14, 2009

C&R FFL and Bed & Breakfasts

Suprise, suprise! When I opened the mail after work, there was my new C&R FFL. I was excited and showed my wife. "What's this?"

"It means I'm an arms dealer now." (Yes, I know you actually need an 01 to be an arms dealer, but for those who don't understand the nuances of the gun laws, this should work). What it does mean is that I can get actually military assault weapons (i.e. weapons used by the militaries of the world during assault operations) delivered right to my front door.

So with the new license, I have to find something to break it in with. I am currently thinking of a Tokarov. I like the fact that I can get ammunition for it for less than 10 cents a round. I have also looked as some Makarovs and Nagants. So many choices...

Anyway, back to the conversation with my wife. "So after we retire you are going to be an arms dealer and we will have a bed and breakfast?" Back up a bit, my wife and I like bed and breakfasts. When we went to Disneyland we stayed at one near the ocean. Talking about it from a business standpoint, it is rather intriquing to have a place that you live, and then rent out the rooms for exorbitant rates (which we were willing to pay, and it was worth it). For the one we stayed at, we calculated that if you only had all three suites filled for one week a month, you should easily be able to make the mortgage payment. So with 50% occupancy, you could end up having a nice living expense. Going on vacation is no problem (you don't book anyone for those times).

"Yeah, that could work. We could buy up 50-100 acres, within an hour of a city that might have other touristy stuff. The land would need to have a lake for swimming, boating, and fishing. We would also set up a shooting range. The shooting would cost extra (for ammunition) and we could do everything from shooting vegetables to blowing up some tannerite. Oh yeah, and your typical paper and steel.

I like this idea. Because if no one comes, I still have a place I can enjoy.


  1. Let me know where you are going to do this and I'll plan a vacation.

    Might not see any "touristy" stuff unless the wife drags me there,but would enjoy the stay.

  2. There was a great little place in Madisonville, TX that my wife and I stayed at for our honeymoon. It's called the Log Cabin. It has everything minus the shooting range.

  3. My Renewal just came in the Mail.

    Worth EVERY penny, and I've saved the $30 fee DOZENS of times over both through buying C&R guns cheap online, but also by having Midway and Brownells keeping my FFL on file they give me the 10% Dealer Discount!

    If you're looking for a handgun, my next C&R Buy I think will be a CZ-82 (Czech Markarov) They're selling for under $200 in most wharehouses, hold 12+1 rounds of 9x18mm, and surplus ammo is still available and cheap!

  4. Congratulations on the Cruffler license... I have been looking into procuring one of those myself, I just have not gotten up off my lazy arse to do so yet. I already have my first one all picked out, though - a CZ52 (for the same reason - ammunition prices).

    As for the B&B idea, I think that would be positively fantastic. Granted, you are catering to a relatively small cros-section of society, and your insurance would probably be a bear, but I am willing to wager that you would be kept pretty busy... If nothing else, I am sure I could talk the Better Half into heading out wherever you are... ;)

  5. Linoge,

    Do it. It took a total of 20 days from when the form went in the mail to the magic slip of paper in my hands. BTW anyone have a good list of websites that sell C&Rs? I know the usual's Aim Surplus, J&G, Impact. I am interested in others that people have used.

    The point of the B&B wouldn't be just to cater to the gunnie crowd. Having a shooting range would be icing on the cake (if no guests ever used it, I certainly still would). Besides, I think my wife could convince anyone to go shooting, so we just need the quaint location to reel them in.