Saturday, July 4, 2009

Motivational Posters and Sarah Palin

When the first motivational poster came out, they probably made people feel good. Then we all wised up to the fact that if you need a poster to feel good, you have some serious problems. So parody of them erupted and there was a bevy of de-motivational posters.

Well, a confluence of events have brought together my first foray into motivational posters. A few days ago I mentioned that my wife could be the poster child for high capacity magazines. Then, the other night my wife read an article about how Sarah Palin continues to be vilified as the devil, even though she didn't win (who would have thought that the Alaskan Governor was so important). She said she wished we had a hockey stick so she could take a photo of herself with a hockey stick and a gun to show she's like Sarah too. I informed her we did in fact have a hockey stick.

Her eyes lit up! (My wife has is a closet gun nut, she just didn't know it until she met me.) And then a thought came to my mind. "You could wear your tiara too!" Yes, my wife was a pageant girl in her teens and early twenties. Tiaras, Hockey, Firearms. Plus my wife is really hot too! So on the evening of July 3rd, after the kids were in bed, we broke out the firearms and camera. My wife got herself all prepared, hair - check, makeup - check, patriotic outfit - check. Then it was my turn as the photographer to make some magic (I'll have you know that while my wife did some modeling before, I have never claimed to be a photographer - except for the time in college when I did party pics at the sorority parties).

We had a good time, and then I whipped together a few Motivational Posters based on the pictures that we took. Feel free to copy or link to them for any non-commercial use - just provide a citation of where you got it and even a link back to this blog. If for some strange reason you have a commercial venture you would like to use any of these for and wish to pay us money, email me and we can make arangements (I have high quality scans of these images, and if that isn't satisfactory, then I could probably convince my wife to model again!).

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