Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Making Bread

I like to make bread.  I wouldn't say I am very good at it, I just follow the recipe. Fresh bread from the oven is addicting.  I have been known to wolf down half a loaf smothered in honey.  And there are very few breads I have come across that I don't like.

Currently, I am trying to grow a good sour dough starter.  A week ago, it was just flour and water with a pinch of sugar.  It smells nice, so I'll use part of it this evening to make some sour dough English muffins.  But from everything I have read, it takes several weeks for a sour dough starter to get really good.  And you have to feed it every other day, which means I need to make something at least once a week. Guess the kids will like that!

I also like flatbreads.  I haven't been very successful getting pita to have the pocket on the inside, but even just pieces of it taste good with hummus.  When my family lived in New York we couldn't find good tortillas (they all tasted like cardboard), so for Christmas (or Mother's Day) I bought a tortilla press.  That made some good tortillas.

I have used a bread machine, but I really don't like the output from them.  For a while, we would use the bread machine just to mix the dough.  But, it can only mix one loaf.  So our bread machine has sat in our cabinet for a couple of years, untouched.  Perhaps its time to get rid of it...

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  1. I'll take the hint. During Spring Cleaning this summer, the bread machine will get the boot.