Friday, February 15, 2013

Only Trust the Cops with Guns

We can trust them completely.  Afterall, they have gone through intense psychological examination to make sure that they are the most stable people.  They have had hours of training on firearm usage.  They are expert marksman who shoot thousands of rounds to qualify.  Blah, blah, blah.

In the last week, Cleveland police killed an unarmed couple in their car (after a car chase, but reading the reports it sounds like the car chase started after the police started shooting - if the police start shooting at you, are you going to hang around, but we'll never know because their dead); the LAPD shot completely innocent people in their hunt for Dorner (not once but at least in two incidents); Dorner was a former police officer himself.  And those were just the ones that made national headlines.

There are about 700,000 police officers in the US.  There are more than 8 million people with permits to carry firearms. Yet in the last week there has not been a single national news story about a concealed carry person killing or wounding an innocent bystander.  None.  Is this a statistical anomaly?  Not at all, scan over the last year or two and you will find dozens of stories of police killing or injuring innocent bystanders and the only national news story that comes close for a concealed carry holder is Zimmerman, and that is still going to trial to determine if it was self defense. (And don't forget that in New York last year during one incident the police killed or injured more innocent people than the perpetrator they were trying to apprehend did).

So, even though there are 11 times as many people packing heat than there are cops on the street, the civilians have "bad" shoots 20-30 times less often than the police?  And many people think that law enforcement should be the only ones with guns on the street?  You have got to be nuts!

So, lets make a deal.  Gun control supporters want compromise, I'll offer a compromise.  They have proposed universal background checks, an Assault Weapons ban, and magazine/clip limits.  Three things I don't support in the least.  In return, I want repeal of the Hughes Amendment (allows new machine guns to be sold to civilians - although still would be registered), removal of silencers, short barrelled rifles and shotguns from the Gun Control Act registry, and reciprocity of carry in all states and all places that armed police can go (i.e. removal of Gun Free Zones).  That's three options for both sides.  We can choose which ones of the others to get rid of one by one until we have a deal (my guess is the deal will be nothing).

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