Saturday, March 14, 2009

In Search of the EBR Part II

During this time the AWB expired and I was learning a lot more about firearms and Evil Black Rifles in particular. I was around a lot of Navy personnel and went shooting with them on occasion. Usually, they would be practicing with a Beretta 9mm pistol that they had to qualify with. I tried this out and liked it a lot. Then I had to buy my first non .22LR ammunition. What a sticker shock. I was used to getting 500 rounds for $10. Now I was paying $15 for 100 rounds. Oh well.

Shortly hereafter, I realized the purpose of the 2nd amendment (I had known it before, having read the Federalist papers and other writings of the Founding Fathers but now it became a part of my understanding). I also realized, that the AWB didn't ban anything except the manufacture of certain features. Identically functioning guns were made while the ban was in effect. Furthermore, I started paying attention to the rhetoric of the gun debate and saw how the public was manipulated (either knowingly or unwittingly) by the gun control crowd by blurring the definitions of guns and working off of people's ignorance (I still don't think anyone should hunt with a fully automatic weapon, but I realize now that the AWB did absolutely zilch to prevent that - it is already illegal in every state).

I now had a desire to acquire an EBR. But I had a problem, money and necessity. My wife and I had made a plan for our finances and we were working the plan. Along the way, several children were born and they tend to take up a lot of ones resources. Additionally, my wife had grown up without guns and wasn't comfortable with them. I have taken her shooting with me. Since I didn't have excess money and it wasn't in our plan, I never broached the subject with my wife.

Then President Obama was elected. This still didn't make the EBR button click. Until I read a week later that they were flying off the shelves. With talk of a new (even more draconian) gun ban, I had to bring it up with my wife. I went shooting with one of my friends who has several EBRs and after firing an AK-47 (semi-auto), a big grin came across my face and I knew I had to have one. The AR-15 was nice although, it jammed about 10 times over the course of 200 rounds. I like guns that don't jam. Someone else at the range had a Hi-Point Carbine which we shot and both my friend and I liked it. I was hooked. I needed to get some EBRs.

We went to a gun show and I picked up a Mosin Nagant for $75. It was in great shape and shoots well. I like the nice loud boom that it makes when you pull the trigger. The magazine spring must not be working right, because I have to load each round in the chamber individually. While it was a military rifle that was used on a "foreign battle field," it doesn't qualify as an EBR. I could sporterize it with a new composite stock, but I happen to like the fact that I am holding a piece of history in my hands. It has some etching on it that look like an American serviceman's name and serial number with an 81st next to it (could have been a trade from someone in the 81st airborne who met with some Russian troops in Europe - "Here, have my M1 and I'll take your Mosin Nagant as a souvenir." Maybe.), I'll follow up on these at a later time.

After looking at all of the firearms, I really fell in love with Russian guns. They are cheap and they fire each time. For a plinker like me, that is what I want. (Plus they really tick the gun grabbers off, because I am not even buying American.) In order to get an EBR, I needed to be able to spend some more money. Then I did my taxes and at the opportune moment (read this) I asked my wife if I could get an EBR. I was floored when she said yes. At the next gun show, I went and picked out 3 EBRs that I wanted.

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