Thursday, March 5, 2009

Recap of the News Headlines

Once again I recap the latest headlines. I haven't read all of the stories so if my comments don't relate, then our keepers of the 4th branch of government aren't doing a very good job.

Uncle Sam Takes His Share From Jobless Benefits
You have to love government bureaucracies sometimes. People pay unemployment insurance to the government (ok, their employer pays it but it gets passed on to the employee through lower wages). Then, when drawing unemployment the government doesn't withhold anything (like they do in your normal paycheck). So come tax time, people that are unemployed find themselves owing all of the taxes. Some of them will probably pay penalties on it. Oh well, at least if they pay their taxes this year, they are better then several of Obama's appointees.

Bulldozer Goes on Rampage in Israel, Driver Killed
A couple of things wrong with this. 1 - It was a front end loader, not a bulldozer. 2 - Last I checked, inanimate objects (including ones with engines) are incapable of acting for themselves (hence the term inanimate). In reality, this was a terrorist who decided to use a construction implement to cause carnage. Notice that what stopped him was being shot, although the police don't say who shot him (Israeli's in the military are required to have their weapons with them at all times, even when out in public).

House Passes Mortgage Bankruptcy Bill
Yeah! Now if the Senate agrees, I get to help you out with your mortgage payment because you were stupid, irresponsible or both. Some may say that it is the evil banks that will take the hit. Well, I own those evil banks, so whether it is taxpayers (me) or stockholders (me) I get screwed. Maybe I shouldn't be so responsible with my money?

Clinic Owner Accused of Botching Abortion, Throwing Away Live Baby
Even if you are pro-abortion and believe it is a woman's constitutional right, if a doctor only gets 1 year in jail for discarding a live baby like common trash, this country has no hope. Last I checked this was called murder (probably 2nd degree since he intended to kill the baby in the womb which is legal).

Parties Blame Each Other for Worsening Economy
Guess what? They are both right. For six years, the Republicans acted like socialists and never saw a spending bill they didn't like. For the last two years, Democrats have been socialists and passed every bit of spending they could. Now we have a President and Congress who want to spend for spending sake without any debate on the matter.

Arctic Summer Ice Could Vanish by 2013
Finally, a return to the way things were hundreds of thousands of years ago. Maybe we could plant some hydroponic lettuce up there.

TV Converter Box Coupons Start Flowing Again
It is things like these that make me wonder if the Founding Fathers would even recognize the country they built. When did it become the federal government's responsibility to make sure you can watch TV? I know we mae fun of the French and their war fighting abilities, but right now all a country would have to do to take over America is promise us free internet access and a Latte every Saturday.

GM Running Out of Cash
Does stating the obvious (particularly what was obvious several months ago) count as news?

22 Georgia Legislators Fail to Pay Income Taxes
With the wealth of options Obama had, it is easy to see why several of his appointees didn't find it convenient to pay income taxes. Maybe this is something that we should all try.

Teen Hid Gun in School Ceiling, Planned 'Harm'
I thought schools were gun free zone's and there was a magical force field which prevented criminals from bringing them on the property. What, you mean there isn't? Well then certainly if this punk decided to use the weapon he hid, there would be other responsible law abiding people who would have access to guns that could stop or mitigate the 'Harm.' What, you mean there isn't? The school would have to call 911 and wait 10 minutes for the police to show up? Well, good thing it was only a revolver. So unless you are one of the unlucky 6 that he shoots first (or 36 if he has a few speed loaders) then you should be fine. And what is this a AR-15 semi-automatic rifle (isn't that redundant, aren't all AR-15's semi-automatic)? A Mini-14 assault rifle (I highly doubt that since there is no Mini-14 assault rifle - there is Mini-14 sport utility rifle which is only semi-automatic -- assault rifles are select fire weapons that are capable of full auto fire modes). And 200 rounds of ammunition. If we are suppose to be worried about 200 rounds of ammunition, what happens when I go to WalMart and buy a couple of 550 boxes of .22LR. Do I now have an ammunition dump? Other than the irrational fear of guns that this article is trying to portray, this kid is a punk. He should be tried and locked up. If the guns were obtained illegally, then that needs to be looked into and his accomplices prosecuted.

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