Saturday, March 14, 2009

In Search of the EBR Part III

First, I found a Hi-Point 9mm Carbine. While this wasn't a gun that was affected by the AWB it was specifically designed with the AWB in mind to not have enough qualifying features to make it "illegal." So I needed it for my EBR collection. Pictured below is the Hi-Point Carbine. Yes, it is butt ugly.

The red dot scope was from Wal-Mart, I really didn't like the iron sights. Hi-Points are made in America and they are cheap (retail price for this new is usually under $200). Being that it is 9mm, the most popular centerfire pistol cartridge in the world, ammunition is plentiful and inexpensive. It is a very fun shooter, and great for plinking. Some people like the ugliness of the carbine, I however, like things that look cool. This just looks ugly.

So I had to change it around. ATI is the only company that makes an aftermarket stock for the Hi-Point. Good thing it is very nice looking. So one day after work I took this apart to switch out the stock. The plastic stock from hi-point is flimsy once all of the screws are removed (there were five screws in the butt alone to keep it rigid. It is two pieces so my kids enjoyed playing with those "shooter guns." The young son was carrying both around and could have been a mini Terminator. The ATI stock is much more rigid and feels like it could take a beating. I decided to name my EBRs (sort of like the horses in the Kentucky Derby), so I present to you Ode to AWB.

It still needs a sling. Why? Because it has swivel studs, that is why. I'll probably sight the red dot in at 50 yards and leave it there.

Next, I had to satisfy my AK-47 urge. While Americans may have spread capitalism to the world, the Russians are learning quickly. The Izhmash Arms Factory has been supplying Russia with firearms for more than 200 years (so they are a very stable company). They are the current suppliers of the Russia's AK-47s and AK-74. The Saiga line was made based on the AK-47 action and is chambered in several calibers. Naturally, I had to go with the original, 7.62x39.

There are some differences with the AK-47. For one, this is the hunting rifle version. It has a standard plastic stock (no wood furniture). It comes with a 10 round magazine. Also, the trigger is farther back on the receiver. The great thing about this fireare is that, unlike other AK-47 like rifles you can buy, this one is all Russian parts (most AKs have an American receiver, trigger group, and a few others). In the US, there is this pesky import law, 922(r), which requires that firearms that are made based on an import prohibited design (i.e. AK-47) cannot have more than 10 foreign made parts. While some may say that this law is to keep dangerous weapons out of the US, I think it is protectionism through and through. How is a US part (made to the exact same specifications) any different from the Russian or Romanian part? Answer: its not. But some people feel better if our EBRs have American made parts on them. The Saiga is legally imported as is (in the hunting configuration) and has 14 total compliance parts.

So in order to change parts to make it more like an AK-47, I have to make sure I replace 4 compliance parts. I looked at various configurations and prices and then thought of a brilliant idea. Why don't I make it as a "stick it to the 922(r) and hi cap magazine ban at the same time?" I believe in obeying the law. So I must comply with the 922(r) requirements. But I also laugh at the fact that some people get their underwear in a wad when they hear of magazines that hold more than 3 rounds (ok, 10 rounds). Plus since the Saiga comes with a 10 round magazine standard, I could correctly use the term high capacity magazine if I got a 30 round one for the Saiga.

In order to make this I needed a new buttstock (1 part) with SAW pistol grip (doesn't count since the Saiga doesn't come with a pistol grip) and a 30 round magazine (3 compliance parts) that are made in the USofA. Tapco makes a great T6 collapsible stock with pistol grip, and Pro-Mag has the 30 round Saiga magazines (not the AK magazine there are some minor differences which affect the feeding of ammunition).

(Note most people replace the buttstock trigger group and hammer to get in compliance and also make a mod on the receiver to compensate for the ammunition feeding difference. This makes it so they can use the cheap AK magazines. I didn't do this because I wanted to make a different statement.)

And I call this Salute to 922(r) Stupidity:

The great thing about this is since the magazine is part of my compliance parts, it is illegal for me to insert the original 10 round magazine (Russian made). By law, I am required to use the high capacity American made magazine. I love this country!

Finally, I also purchased a Saiga 12. I didn't include a picture yet because essentially, it looks like the I haven't done any modifications to it yet, because I don't want it to make the same statement as the AK-47 Saiga. It already is listed as an assault weapon in California (although, if you use any weapon to assault someone, isn't that an assault weapon as well?). I have been thinking about painting it hot pink (thereby making it an Evil Pink Shotgun). Can you imagine the looks I would get as I shoot 10+1 shells of 00 buck and obliterate the target (and stand). I might have to try using it shoot multiple clays on one throw? So I haven't decided for sure what I am going to do. I will take any suggestions, especially ideas of names for this third EBR.


  1. WOW! Andy, I knew you were handy but, WOW! Looks like you are having a blast.

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