Thursday, January 29, 2009

Taxes, Guns, & Furniture Part III

Now that the tax situation is explained, it is time to get to the fun part. Guns and Furniture! Your probably wondering how they fit into the equation. Well, after going over our taxes initially, my wife and I realized we would be getting several thousand dollars back that we were expecting and had not budgeted for. (Actually, we haven't made our budget for this year. We usually do that in December, but we have been so consistent with our budget since we were married, we already know what it probably is and what we can spend.) With all of the bailouts and stimulus bills going on, we felt it our patriotic duty to at least spend a good chunk of it.

Bear in mind, we usually plan big ticket purchases well in advance. This year was suppose to be hearing aids (read my wife's blog about hearing aids) and house siding. In addition, we have found that we need to have surgery for one of our kids and so the other big ticket item, furniture, was put on hold. That has all changed.

When my wife saw that she said we could buy the furniture now. Quickly doing the math in my head, I realized there was still going to be a lot left over. So I asked if I could get an AR-15 (one of those scary black rifles that Clinton banned, and Obama says he plans on banning). I have never asked my wife to let me have one before. In fact, under the circumstances, I was saying it more as tongue in cheek.

Her response floored me. "How much is that?"

I hemmed and hawed a bit and said "$1200."

She just nodded and said, "You could probably do that."

My heart stopped, could this really be my wife? I decided to push it a little further. "You know, with $8,000 we could get a Barrett .50 rifle, the rounds only cost $5 a piece."

"Honey, we are not blowing all of this money on one gun." OK, she really was my wife. But notice she didn't even ask me what use I would have for a .50 caliber rifle. Maybe I can convince her of that next year.

She then immediately starts to call her friends to find out where would be the best place to get the furniture we were planning on. Here is the short list:
Dresser and side tables for the master bedroom
Day bed and trundle for the spare bedroom
Mattresses for the bunk beds
Table and chairs for the family room
New dining room table and chairs

As for the guns, at first I was adamant about buying American. Then my wife said "Why not buy some more of those inexpensive Russian guns?" I now had a quandry: Do I go with the American made and try to lift up our own sagging economy or do I look for foreign firearms and do my part as a citizen of the world.

There are still AR-15s to be bought so I know that these are available. However, I just like to shoot and the AR-15 isn't as fun as the AK-47, plus it jams too much. Unfortunately, the AK-47 is so popular and so scary looking it is bound to be the first firearm listed in any new ban. That means right now there aren't many on the market (If you have one and would like to sell it, let me know). Another good option is an SKS. I would prefer to have a Romanian or Bulgarian version, but Chinese ones might be the only ones available right now. With prices today, I could buy an AK-47 and an SKS for the price of an AR-15. Some other rifles I would like, although since I shoot guns for fun, I try to stick with calibers that have very common ammunition.

I could try to get one of each of the major models of the Mosin Nagant. There are several other rifles that I wouldn't mind having before they are banned again. Kel-Tec, FAL, Galil. Then there are Mausers, Garands, Enfields which probably won't be banned (even though they fire more powerful cartridges than most of the scary guns).

There are some other options I could consider.
A Hi-Point 9mm Carbine with the ATI stock would be great because then I can use 9mm ammunition with something besides a pistol.
A lever rifle and a revolver chambered in .357 magnum. Two fun guns that I could use the .357 or .38 special ammunition for.
A 1911 pistol is something else I would like.
I need a .22 pistol or revolver (or both) just to be able to shoot the cheapest ammunition ever.
Last but not least, I would like two shotguns (pump and semi-auto), one with a scary looking pistol grip and folding stock.

Plus, there are some other gun accessories that we could get. A gun cabinet, a gun rest, scopes, cleaning supplies, etc. So many choices, but best of all, my wife gets to help pick them out. This could turn out to be the best date ever!

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