Thursday, January 29, 2009

Taxes, Guns, & Furniture Part IV

We probably won't be getting all of the guns and furniture listed in Part III, but we'll try to make a dent. The important thing is to make our mone stretch as far as possible. Even though we have the money to spend, as with all big ticket purchases, we need to make sure that the buy is a good deal.

How is buying furniture going to stimulate our economy? Let me list 12 reasons:

1) We decided to make this a date that we would actually hire a babysitter for instead of mooching off of one of our friends, so some young lady is going to have $20 - $30 extra dollars to spend.

2) Just by going on the date we are going to be using gas that we hadn't planned on. So some local gas station will benefit (we will probably get the car washed at the same time). A refining company will benefit by making the 12 ounces of gas we will need. That had to come from somewhere, so an oil company is going to benefit. Naturally, this will benefit some government due to royalty fees paid to them. If the government is a civilized country (like US, Canada or UK) they will probably use the extra 32 cents to invest in education for the children. If the government is some third world dictatorship (like Venezuela, Nigeria, or Iran) the leaders will probably skim the money from the government and use it to buy luxury goods for their personal use (cars, yachts, HDTVs). These products provide jobs for people all over the world. Either way, people are benefiting from this.

3) We are going to shop locally. So now we can feel good about supporting our local economy and providing jobs for people here at home.

4) The majority of the furniture will have to be shipped in from other parts of the country. This benefits the truckers of America and more than likely the teamsters. So even if I don't like unions, I am still helping them out.

5) The majority of the furniture will also be wood. This means that lumber companies have to chop down trees (providing someone a job) and if they are smart (which most are), plant new trees (providing someone else a job). These new trees are going to soak up a lot of carbon dioxide as they grow up, and since the old trees are made into furniture, their carbon is still trapped. So all of the global warming disciples should be happy that I am buying my own version of carbon credits. (Of course we might celebrate this whole shopping spree by having a charcoal barbeque, but at least we didn't burn down the trees).

6) More than likely, we will have to get rid of some stuff to make room for the new stuff. From this we have several options, all of them beneficial.
a) We can throw the stuff away. This will wind up in the landfill, providing jobs for the people who haul it and work there. Eventually, the whole place will be covered over and turned into a park for future generations to enjoy.
b) We could sell it on ebay. This would give us more stimulus money. Give someone else a product they need at a discount, and decrease the amount of stuff going to the landfill. I will have to ship it to them so either UPS or the US Postal Service will benefit. Everyone wins (except the landfill workers if we took this route for everything).
c) Donate to Goodwill. This is probably the best option. Goodwill is going to give me a charitable donation slip, which will count towards next years deductions (thereby giving me more stimulus money). Goodwill will sell it to make money, thereby providing jobs in our community. Someone will buy it from goodwill and get a good product at a steep discount. Lastly, my wife and I will have a good feeling in our heart knowing we helped someone out.

7) Gun shopping will be at a local gun store. They usually have a great selection of new and used guns. Since my wife will be with me, we can probably pick her up a .22 pistol so that I can get her to go shooting with me (shooting guns and blowing things up is a great date).

8) For every gun you buy it is like doubly stimulating the economy. Whereas furniture you buy it once and then don't have to worry for decades, a firearm requires a constant supply of ammunition. So we'll be back for more. Plus, there is customizing your firearm with scopes, stocks, bipods, and grenade launchers (and any other scary feature that may later be part of a ban).

9) The local gunstore won't have everything, so I will probably have to buy some stuff online. So other people across the country will benefit. For any foreign weapons, these would have been imported providing even more jobs. Furthermore, with every gun purchase from a FFL dealer there is plenty of redundant paperwork that gives somebody in Washington something to do. (Did I mention that someone needs to make the paper to begin with).

10) Another benefit from buying and shooting guns, is it provides jobs to scientists and researchers who are concerned that the lead from our spent bullets is getting into the ecosystem and slowly poisoning all life on earth. So, these purchases directly support science (oh yeah, and they print their results on paper, which someone has to make).

11) Most likely we will go out to eat and provide a tip commensurate with the service we get. So a waitress, a busboy, and a restauranteur will benefit. What's more, if we choose a publically traded chain restaurant, their corporate earnings will increase (benefiting them) which may lead them to pay out a larger dividend (benefiting the shareholders) and the whole process starts over again.

12) Finally, we will probably pick up some ice cream for the kids from the local grocery store. It may be a brand that is made in our state thereby spreading the wealth even more.

To conclude, I would encourage everyone to buy more guns and furniture. It can't be any worse than giving car companies billions to make products we don't want to buy or banks money to buy more banks. Don't rely on the government stimulus, create your own stimulus plan!

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