Friday, January 25, 2013

Christmas Ammunition

Someone commented to me that they didn't think my Christmas present of ammunition was very ... Christmassy (you know, that peace, love, good will towards men thing). So, see if you can guess which is the correct response:

a) Don't worry, it was full metal jacket stuff and I only use that for target practice, hollow point is the preferred type for perforating bad people.

b) The Son of God only used a whip to clean the temple because a Glock would have been too messy and a 1911 only carries 7+1 rounds (besides the fact that they hadn't been invented yet).

c) It's OK, it was Winchester White Box, made in the USA. All of the materials (lead, copper, and brass) are fully recycleable or (in the case of gunpowder) completely organic/natural/not harmful to the environment.

d) The Barrett .50 BMG wouldn't fit in the stocking.

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