Thursday, January 31, 2013

Please God, Let the Irish Win!

A significant amount of people think that God influences who wins sporting contests.

I hate to say that religious people are whackjobs, but at least the above poll indicates a minority of religious people are whackjobs.  Let's assume for a second that God plays favorites.  When Notre Dame plays TCU who is God's favorite? Obviously Notre Dame this year. But what about next year?  What if God's favorite team doesn't have fans that pray for victory...a la Notre Dame vs. Alabama - or was that just God punishing them for Manti Te'o's lie/not lie fake girlfriend?  This is really confusing.  Maybe Notre Dame is just really lucky and didn't play any teams that God likes.  And does God like all sports, or is there something like Gymnastics or Curling that we don't have to worry about being on the wrong side of God for?  I mean it, this is really confusing.  Lance Armstrong doped, but maybe God wanted him to win all those Tour de France's.  If not, then God doesn't care about cycling, otherwise God would have caused someone else to win.  Unless they were all doping and Lance was the least dopey doper.

Seriously, I will admit to saying a tongue in cheek prayer for my favorite team once in a while, but I look at it more as when an atheist says "Oh my God!"  It isn't tacit approval of the concept, it is merely an interjection. At first I thought there was no way this could be an actual poll, with actual results that reflect reality...but then I remembered that a similar amount of people believe in alien abductions and that Obamacare is going to reduce health care costs.

You can't win them all (unless God is on your side and you're praying to win them all!)


  1. You're humor is awesome. But does this apply to God Bless Texas?

  2. Only if you clarify which God you want to bless Texas. Vishnu may have been trying to bless Texas for a while, but the lack of faith in him from residents has been preventing that from being manifest!