Monday, January 21, 2013

Some People Aren't Obese

With recent reports that 1/3 of Mississippi is obese and obesity being "epidemic" throughout the US, I can understand the First Lady promoting healthy eating. But there are a couple of people who do not need to be told they can't eat junk food.
#1 President Obama. At the Iowa State Fair he said Michelle wouldn't allow him to have a fried twinkie. Why not? Fried twinkies at the Iowa fair are good, I've had one. Its not like our President is out of shape. He looks to be in very good shape. Quitting smoking is about the only bad habit I see him having, and that even probably helps keep his weight normal. So, President Obama, tell you're wife you are going to indulge. Your campaigning schedule is rather grueling and you are in no danger of gaining weight.

#2 Gabby Douglas. On Leno just after the Olympics, Michelle jokingly ribbed her for having a Egg McMuffin to celebrate, particularly that it should be on a whole wheat bun. Gabby can eat whatever she wants. She has finished all of her competitions, her metabolism is sky high, and an Egg McMuffin is not going to balloon her like a blimp. In actuality, I am a little disappointed in Gabby. An Egg McMuffin is not something that is traditionally considered unhealthy. It has eggs, bread, meat and cheese. Couple it with an orange juice and you have all four food groups.

In 1984, Sharlene Wells consumed a half pound of fudge just hours before appearing in the Miss America swimsuit competition on national TV. Next time Gabby, when you are in England go with a Treacle tart and clotted cream. And there is no reason if you are satisfied with your body, to apologize to anyone for what you are eating. If you are not satisfied with your body, the only one you have to apologize to is yourself.
And just so you all know, I had a scoop of Haagen Daas ice cream on a cone last night and it was delicious. I felt no guilt, and my pants fit just fine this morning.

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