Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Movies to Cry Over: Here Comes the Boom!

My wife cried at this movie.  I know that sounds weird.  How can you cry during any movie that Kevin James is in?  I don't know, but she did. 

I loved this movie. Kevin James was his usually hilarious self and even got a scene in of some dance moves (a reason in and of itself to see Hitch).  Salma Hayek was her normal gorgeous self.  It's great how Kevin James always gets the hot girl!  I first saw this movie on an airplane coming back from LA and told my wife about it.  She picked it up from Redbox for our date night movie.

The best part of this movie was the fact that it has the whole "based on a true story" feel without being based on any true story.  Reading over the actual incidents that resulted in "based on a true story" movies, this one could have been slapped with that label and been just as truthful.

My wife's big comment was "Wow, he actually has some muscles!" Now, he is no Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it was apparent that a) he did a lot of working out for this role or b) they hired an awesome team of post-production video editors.

Naturally, the climax occurs when he has gotten beaten to a pulp over two rounds and his friend gives the inspirational speech that they have accomplished their purpose and inspired the students. (This is the speech that my wife cried at and admitted to, she had been having allergies for the last few days so she could have used that excuse.)  He then pulls out a Rocky in the third round to come up with the knockout.

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