Tuesday, March 9, 2010

People of the Gun

Gun people are all racist, neophyte Republican, men who are probably missing a couple teeth and married to their first cousin.

OK, that kind of inflammatory language is really just a strawman, although it does include some ideas that I have read from people who have a fear of firearms. Well, they are wrong. People of the Gun is a tribe of people (I can't even limit to Americans) who believe in the right of all people to keep and bear arms (that would be one of those inalienable rights that everyone has, not just Americans).

The tribe started as the brainchild of Jeff Soyer in response to a column by Laura Washington. Besides guns, there is not a lot that this group agrees on. At the website you can read their blogs and find that the group includes Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, libertarians, and everything in between. There are engineers, biologists, programmers, and librarians. Young and old. People who hunt and those who don't. Having read most all of their blogs I can say that discussion topics are more varied than you probably would imagine.

But, we do have one thing in common. Which is why we are the People of the Gun.

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