Sunday, March 7, 2010

Racial Insanity!

The Secretary of Education cannot visit a school in Alabama because they opposed Martin Luther King, Jr. What? Is there some place in the US, even in the south, that doesn't celebrate MLK day? Uh no, this has nothing to do with the holiday. This has to do with THE Martin Luther King, Jr.

Back in 1965 (let's see, 2010-1965=45 years), the principal, faculty, and students (I guess that is what the article means) of Robert E. Lee High School in Montgomery, AL publicly opposed MLK and the Selma-Montgomery march. If I did my math correctly, 45 years later that means our Education Secretary can visit the school because it would be an insult. Does this mean that Barack Obama can't have anything to do with the University of Alabama since George Wallace attempted to stop black students from enrolling there in 1963? (I wonder if Barack was watching the BCS championship game earlier this year - perhaps Jesse Jackson should condemn him for that).

I guess when it comes to racial issues, the children and grand children have to suffer for the sins of the parents and grandparents. I highly doubt that there is anyone still working at Robert E. Lee High School that was around when the Selma march occurred 45 years ago. My bet is that less than half of the faculty was even born then and probably only one or two people were even teenagers during that time and know what was going on.

That Mr. Duncan is going to the school to commemorate (NOT celebrate) the "Bloody Sunday" incident is very telling. I look at this as a way to say, "Hey, you bozos who opposed civil rights were wrong. And now we can commemorate our dead using your ground!" Except that the school is not still "opposed" to desegregation. As near as I can find, that sort of died out 45 years ago.

Do the self proclaimed civil rights "leaders" have nothing better to do than to continue to condemn people who have long since died? Good thing we can still make progress without them. Arne, if you read this, go to Robert E. Lee High School and tell people why you are there. Robert E. Lee will look up from his grave and smile at you.

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  1. UGH! Race relations don't improve by 'condemning' things of the past. We're supposed to deal with the present, aren't we?