Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Too Good to Be True!

Well, Pelosi's last comments on the Scary Black Rifle Ban were too good to be true ( So this is definitely going to jack up prices on AR-15s. Pretty soon, the only affordable scary black rifles will be the Romanian or Bulgarian kind (which I like better anyway).
While the tea party things going on are ok, take a stand and help out the economy at the same time. Participate in Buy a Gun Day ( on April 15th. If you would like a recommendation, let me know (I'll have to ask my wife if I can add a .22 pistol to my collection, their only about $200-300 dollars). Wouldn't it be great if there were no firearms for sale in the US because they were purchased by law abiding citizens the moment they were put on the shelf.
Also, be sure to send $10 bucks to the pizza shop owner in Akron, OH who showed good judgement in using his concealed carry weapon. If I lived in Akron, I would go buy a pizza. I don't think he delivers to where I live, but I can send him the money for it anyway. Here is his address ( And the story (

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