Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cheerleader Outfits

As I sit and watch some college football, I have a question to pose. If your cheerleader outfit consists of a short skirt and a bare midriff, why do you have long sleeves?

Face it, in spite of all the athletic/gymnastic prowess that you profess (and probably do) have, as a cheerleader, you are eye candy. Your purpose at the game is not to rally the fans (the team will do that just fine if they play), your purpose is to serve to take the male mind off of a horrible game that he has probably paid $25-$100 for. Don't believe me, during a well played game that goes down to the wire, try either a) putting on a burqa or b) stripping down to nothing, and no one will notice you.

OK, that is not entirely true, if you chose option (b) then there will be a cadre of fans that will pay attention to you. Having gone to a university that didn't have cheerleaders, I remember when the game was turning into a blowout the conversation would end up being whether the opposing teams' cheerleaders were worth watching. After about 3 touchdowns they always were.

Of course, one thing that has continued to perplex me is why schools with conservative/religious values/reputations (Baylor, BYU, SMU, TCU, etc) even have cheerleaders? I guess the idea that they are athletes somehow convinces some people.

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