Sunday, June 7, 2009

Having Fun with New Shooters - Part 4: Aftermath

On the way home, one of the ladies that came had to have me list out for her all of the guns she shot (she shot everything that was there) so she could tell her husband and son and make them jealous. I made sure to include a little description they could relate to: this was a gun James Bond used, this was the main Russian battle rifle for 50 years, this gun is illegal in California, etc, etc. She was on cloud nine.

Well, the next day (Sunday) was fun. The women who went shooting were beaming at church telling everyone of their experience. The scared-to-excited lady told me that she had called her sister the night before to tell her how excited she. Her sister was absolutely shocked! She told me that she really wanted to go again.

The women's president had emailed her friends in Wyoming and they responded that this was definitely the coolest church activity they had heard of. The Bishop's wife was exstatic and had told her husband how cool the big guns were. Mother Teresa (who shot the Mosin Nagant and the Saiga-12 as well as the other guns) could say she had fired more kinds of guns than her husband who had been in the army.

The Sunday School teacher's husband had to verify with me that the AK I had was not a full auto. I told him there are a few legal ones out there, and if I could justify the expense I might get myself one. I'll have to follow up to see if she asked for a Mother's Day present.

There was overwhelming positive response and several of the women who hadn't been able to make it expressed a desire to have this activity again so that they can come. Maybe at the end of the summer. The women's organization president told me the concensus was: Shooting guns is fun! Next time we can get the clay thrower out and try to explode things in mid-air (that is always a rush).

I must say that the preparation and teaching was effective. There were a total of 0 injuries that day and no violations of the 4 rules that I saw. At the end we cleaned up the range real well and I gathered a bunch of brass. Best of all, seven new shooters were born (average age about 65).

I am more than happy to take out people who have never been shooting before for free. I'll supply safety equipment, guns, and ammunition. If you live in Eastern Iowa and would like to go, contact me at myreputo-at-yahoo-dot-com and we can set up a time. If you want to learn more about firearms and teaching your children about them, I'd be happy to sit down with you in your home or mine and talk about it. When you follow the rules, shooting guns is fun!

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