Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Recap of the News Headlines

I thought I would do a new type of post. I'll list the headlines and then give you some of my brief thoughts about the story (and headline in particular). Warning, I have not necessarily read all of the stories, this is more of a reflection of what thoughts the headlines invoke.

Student Speech Against Gay Marriage Prompts Lawsuit
OK, after reading this I was about to rant that someone is suing because of a speech they didn't like. But, after reading the first couple of paragraphs I find that the headline actually should read "Student Sues School for Violation of Free Speech." Little different huh?

NY's Paterson Wants Tax on Porno Downloads
I lived in New York, they already tax them through the Internet sales tax you have to pay for items bought online that you didn't pay sales tax on (I always estimated mine). Besides, what would you call this bill....

State Lawmakers Look to Booze Taxes for Help
While already being drunk on spending, why not use more booze to help pay for it. Are we going to have ad campaigns that encourage drinking to help out the state?

Jackie Chan Film Too Violent for China
For some reason this doesn't compute. Jailing, torturing, and killing political prisoner's is fine? But a little fast action martial arts is not? Didn't China invent Kung Fu? Ever hear of the Shaolin Monastery?

Stimulus Plan Awaits Signature
Yes, the plan that we couldn't have any delays on because millions were losing their jobs was not planned to be signed until days after it passed. Good thing the money won't start flowing until next week!

NY Senator Moves Guns from Under her Bed
Really. Those were your home defense guns? High powered rifles (are there any other kind)? I lived in Gillibrand's district (didn't vote for her), now I know she is loopy. Home defense guns should be A) loaded or B) have easy access to ammo (i.e. previously loaded clip), in that order. If the gun is A, it shouldn't be stored under the bed in a house with children. If B, then you have drastically decreased its effectiveness and might be better off with a baseball bat. Besides, every gun owner knows that a shotgun or handgun are better for home defense then a rifle.

Barbie Wouldn't Wear That
I hate to say it, but in my house, Barbie wears anything (or nothing at all until I get my daughter to put clothes on her).

Brit Says She's a "Super Sexy" Housewife in New Video
Didn't she already play that role in real life? I guess maybe she is becoming the real life Barbie of Music: Super Sexy Schoolgirl, Super Sexy Astronaut, Super Sexy Biker, Super Sexy Housewife, Super Sexy Snake Charmer, Super Sexy .

Indonesian Women Protest Clinton Visit
And I thought everyone loved her?

Facebook reassures users in wake of service terms change
Do some people not realize that there is no such thing as privacy on the internet? If you don't want someone to know information about you don't post it online. In a similar vein, if you don't want naked pictures of you sent all over the world, don't take them. Why is that such a difficult concept?

Beaver Sighted in Detroit River; First in 75 Years
Does this mean that the beaver is endangered in Detroit River area? Maybe after local residents find him chewing up their poplar trees they won't have another sighting for 75 more years. Of course you can always look for the gentlemen in the new top hat.

Despite Obama's Pledge, Justice Defends Bush Secrets
I guess when you don't know what our government does it is easy to say everyone should know. Now that you've found out, there might be some pretty good reasons not to let the average Joe know about those things.

No Joy in this Cooking - Recipes Can Make you Fat
No, overeating can, and not exercising can. I have hundreds of recipes in my house, and not a single one of them has ever made me fat.

That's all for today. I'll try to remember to do this again next week.

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